How to get Mastering Dirty Talk without Sounding Ridiculous

We know that foul language is very sexy … but what you have to say? Or, how can you start? Here are some special tips. Some of the women I know seem to have problems when it comes to talking dirty. But despite these exceptions, dirty talk can provoke anxiety and our sexual performance may be affected. What if you choose the wrong words and mess up the time? Or worse, what if you make a fool with things you’re saying?!

It seems that men are better at talking dirty (perhaps due to years of experience in internal monologues), but it is time for sex also it fun for us, and learn how to apply this language could be stimulating to achieve intimate result. When you feel comfortable doing it, you’ll see it’s a great way to excite your partner. The sure things go well, follow these steps and you’ll see that you can achieve it.


Start with something not too risqué. Words like “I’ve been thinking about you all day,” usually very exciting if you whisper in her ear. Or praise him … in whatever (to them crazy praise). Talk of his chest, his arms, and his abs if you like; this is the time to confess. Yes, do not rush to action; at this time, stay focused only on your verbal language.


Maybe he’ll respond with something like, “I’ve also been thinking about you”. So is the sign that you’re best voice type like Scarlett Johansson, ask him what exactly he has been thinking. Put your hands on his eyes so that he can imagine that with which has been fantasizing (and thus do not need him in the eye while you take advantage to say things that would make your mother blush. It is time to dare).


Now it’s time to talk. If you feel comfortable saying something like: “I want you in my _ _“, do it! But if you’re just learning to be verbal, then it is much better to be a little more subtle. If this kind of creativity is not giving you much, think of their last night together and say what you like. (Example: “I loved how you touched me” Will also not to repeat the same and dare to do unconventional things this time). Mark the road and see that he will follow you.


Bear in mind that it is not that dirty talk exceeds the action you want both! Ask him where he wants to be touched, or where he wants to touch you. It’s like a show-and-tell for adults. This way you give it a chance if he is more skilled than you in that. The sexual conversation relaxes and who dares to speak. The key is to take small steps, but be confident and sexy, without falling into a very vulgar language. Remember that episode of Sex and The City where Miranda tries to talk dirty and says “I love having a finger in your ass.” Ups! That did not end well at all. So if you want to pass something, dare, but be subtle.


Do not stay quiet once the load has fallen to the floor. This is the best time for you dare use this language; you’re so distracted by other things that you forget the nerves. It is also a good time to confess a fantasy role play, threesomes, bondage. And if he is doing something that you really like, make sure you know at that moment! It is what they most enjoy. An incredible way to stimulate sexual desire in your partner is sending him text messages risqué. This is also part of sexual language, only in writing. Maybe you’ll even easier. Start here and go taking confidence.


It’s not what you say but how you say it. Remember that it does not only involve talking dirty words or phrases, you should avail yourself of the volume of your voice and sounds like moans, sighs and, occasionally, a little cry (for pleasure, obviously not going to scare). Do not say things that make him feel uncomfortable, because he will notice. If you say something at the wrong time or irrelevant, you’ll probably laugh for an answer.

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