Phrases to get your Ex-boyfriend or Husband Again

Words are very important and it can become decisive in recovering a dating relationship or save a marriage. So if you are confused, you do not know what to do to get your ex back, if you do not know where to start, I recommend that you check the items that I have prepared for you in this blog. If you have not read the articles in this blog now; I clarify something very important. After a breakup with your partner, whether your boyfriend or husband, it is essential you to step aside, it cuts the communication. Only in this way you can recover your intentions that become reality. If after the breakdown of the relationship you’ve followed contacting calling or even spying, stop it. There’s still time to win him back … the important thing is that now stop harassing him.

In most cases the woman who is left by her man tends to live the following steps:
1) Stage depression (I prefer to call time of great sadness).
2) Stage despair.
3) Step of resignation.

The second step is that you should avoid at all costs. This consists of:
1) Telephone calls to your ex.
2) Send e-mails or chat messages.
3) Send text messages to your mobile phone.
4) And in some cases physically spy.

All of these behaviors, although in most cases, in the first days after the break are hard to avoid, are very harmful because the man feels overwhelmed and depressed and he strengthens his decision to let the woman. If the woman, however, after the term is gone, will be acting in a way that is all contrary to what the man expected. Thus disturbs his ex, increases their curiosity, insecurity and causes it will miss your partner. Well, let’s what interests us, those phrases or words that are indicated to amend the right track to recovery of the relationship with your ex man.

Only be effective if you have avoided falling into the “stage 2” (or if you fell but let behaving that way).

First we see the phrases that you should avoid. Do not ever tell your ex:

a) “I cannot live without you”.

b) “I need you!”

c) “I’ve realized that without you my life has no meaning”.

d) “I beg you to give me another chance.”

e) “I cannot imagine life without you, I thought not live”.

Explanation of why you should not say things like this:

a) Sure you can. So far no one has died from love and not be the first. It is true that you miss a lot and I understand, I also went through the same, but when the woman realizes and assumes that his life continues, with or without your ex, things start to give. Trust me.

b) If you say you need your ex look like an uninteresting woman (learn more how to be interesting and High Value clicking here).

c) The meaning of your life is you, is you, and then the rest (relationship, money, friends, etc.).

d) A woman who threatened to “hurt” because of a crisis in their relationship is a woman who not only cannot win back your ex but by his obsessive characteristics unlikely to have a stable relationship, unless you make a change drastically in the attitude that sees life.

Words to get Your Man:

Past 2-3 weeks when you contacted or not you saw your ex-boyfriend or husband, I advise you to call him on the phone and say:

“Hi [name of it], how you been? I hope you all well … I’ve been to elegant simplicity let’s get together for coffee one of these days? I would like to hear from you and tell you some good things that have happened to me, moreover, what we had was very good and I feel healthy get together, get together what you think of the. “

If your ex refuses or uncomfortable it shows with your proposal you should clarify quiet to be a board just as friends. This way you demolish any fear or insecurity that your ex has and will make you more relaxed.

This “date” should not last more than 20 to 30 minutes, and it is important to know that the purpose of this meeting is not back with him. The aim is only to resume contact and being seen as a new, interesting and attractive woman.

I recommend that when they meet not listen and do not talk much. Only when appropriate I recommend telling words:

“Do you remember how he had stopped practicing [appointing any hobbies you have and you could not do while you were with him]? … Well what I went back and I’m very happy, I reunited with old friends and girlfriends and has left me everything as expected: D “.

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