Top 10 dangerous cities in UK

United kingdom that is shortly known as UK on the map of the planet is a finest place in the world. UK is imperative place by economical and social point of view as people are taking interest in this area to attain economical and social benefits in the communal order. In the same way, everyplace has some shining points and some unfavorable parameters; these signs are also linked with every place in the world. With this condition, people are living in societies but they are not living with pleasant communal conditions. Meanwhile, same sceanrio is linked with UK as many cities of United Kingdom are counted as dangerous in the society and a list of most dangerous cities of United Kingdom in descending order is mentioed as under;  

10. Bradford

Bradford is a dangerous city of UK and it is observable by the face of citizens of Bradford. This city is unsafe due to social violance in the place that is not favorable. Housholds of this city are not comfortable at the surface of Bradford. They are living in trouble with the reports of crime agencies that are listing Bradford as unsafe city of United Kingdom. 

9. Leeds

Leeds is hazardous city in UK and this is linked with high crime ratio. Crime is the sign of lack of peace in the city and this ratio is mentioned as 35.7 among one thousand persons in the community. This level of crime is based on the illegal activties of citizens that are reported in police stations to decrease offense ratio in community. Population level of this city is also increasing that is also sign of complex and hazard.

8. Coventy

Coventy is treacherous city of UK and this is dangerous due to enhancment in theft cases  in the list with the reporting of crime agencies. In the same way, some specific areas of this city are affecting with hazardous conditions and this situation is the cause of troublous and complexity on the faces of citizens. 

7. London

London is a popular city in the world and this is also an unsafe city of United Kingdom. In this city, specific crime is increasing and this is counted as individulity offense. People are involving in knife crime and they are making their level of living perilous and dangerous.

6. Glasgow

Glasgow is a specific city for economic growth and people  like to visit this city. This place is also counted in dangerous cities of UK due to stealing case reports in this area. People cannot travel safely and they are unable to enjoy the beauty of Glasgow with smiling faces. 

5. Manchester

Manchester is a eye catching place of the United Kingdom and this is perilous city of UK. This sceanrio is stated as robbery level of this city is increasing day by day that is making people unsecure. Crime ratio of 2.5% about robbery is reported that is alarming situation for the residents.

4. Liverpool

Liverpool is an unsafe and hazardous place because cyber crimes are highly reported in this area. Due to this situation, people are feeling themselves scratchy because they cannot meet with their relatives contentedly.

3. Bristol

Bristol is a cultural place of United Kingdom and this is favorable area for students to make their study level constructive. This city of UK is precarious place due to increase of street crimes and this scenario is linked with hazardous activities of people that are making enviroment of the area unpleasant.

2. Sheffield

Sheffield is a shaky city of UK and this is taken on top due to high level of violance, theft and burglary. This situation is making social life troublous and complex because every person is directly or indirectly influenced with this crime scenario. This situation is making enviromnet unpleasnat and hazardous in the community.


Birmingham is dangerous city of UK and this is announced on the reports of crime reproting agencies. According to voting of people, 42% persons are feeling this place unsafe because they are facing theft and social attacks in Birmingham. So, people are living with complex scenario because they cannot make their environment pleasant and enjoyable with unpleasnt crime reports.   

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