Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers in the World

Lawyer is a professional person in the society and every person is feeling the need of legal expertise. In this matter, various professionals are presenting their law services in the market and people can attain their services to make their disputes solved according to legal demands. This situation is helpful to make society peaceful because every dispute is solved with obligation of law that is acceptable for both sides. Meanwhile, top 10 most expensive lawyers in the world according to survey of Path Legal  are mentioned in this article. This list is helpful to know experienced law experts that can support in disputes according to the scenery of quarrels.

10. Benjamin Civiletti

Benjamin Civiletti is a famous and expensive lawyer of Florida and he is performing with private and official law practice. He is charging $3000 per case that is sign of peak of his professional abilities in the market. He is dealing with social and commercial cases that should be solved with the knowledge of rules and regulations.  

9. Albert Stainoz

Albert Stainoz is a successful lawyer of currency exchange and he is dealing with criminal cases about money. He is earning $3200 per case and attaining that clients that are willing to make their assets fair and legal in the state. Currency rates for exchanging the currency are vary and these are adjusted according to the international parameters. Albert Stainoz is offering legal expertise in New Jercy to solve financial disputes with obligation of rules.  

8. Howard K. Stern

Howard K. Stern is a proficient law expert that is working in Los Angeles after completion of his law education in this state. He is practicing privately as a lawyer and attaining his professional goals with success. Howard K. Stern is the lawyer of family dsiputes that can be solved with discussion and legal expertise.

7. Stacey Gardner

Stacey Gardner is a lawyer of fashion industry and earning a handsom amount as a fee that is $5400. She was a fashion model and she completed her law degree during her model career in Texas. Now, Stacey Gardner is performing her law practice and counted in successful lawyer in the market.

6. Vikki Ziegler

Vikki Ziegler is a private lawyer and she is charging $5700 from her client according to law abilities in the market. She is also working as court clerk in Alaska that is also a suitable option to make her profession winning in the social order. She has completed her law degree from Quinnipiac college that is well reputed institution of law.

5. Harish Slave

Harish Slave is a successful lawyer of Texas and he is listed as expensive law expert with fee of $6000. He is an industrial, politician and investor. He is mostly dealing with law cases of industry and politics, this experience is supportive to show legal abilities in the market with productive sceanrios.  

4. Vernon Jordan

Vernon Jordan is living in Georgia and he is an expensive lawyer with charging per case of $6300. He is a social activist person that is working for betterment of human beings. He is dealing with those cases that are counted in human rights matters; this legal practive is supportive for people to attain their rights easily.  

3. Thomas Meserau

Thomas Meserau is an expensive lawyer that is earning  $6500 per criminal case and he is dealing with all legal matters in Hawaii state. Specification of this lawyer is linked with human deals that can be fair or unfair according to societal scenarios. He is special to solve financial disputes of people with provision of legal services.

2. John Branca

John Branca is a popular lawyer of fashion industry and he is dealing with legal matters of models, actors and celebrities of fashion and music industry. He is taking $6700 per case according to the sceanrio of criminal cases that may be sensative in the community in California state. Many famous celebrities are customers of this lawyer and this is cause of popularity and fame of John Branca in the market.  

1.Jose Baez

Jose is the most expensive lawyer of America and he is connected with Florida bar. He is a supportive lawyer and he is capable to present his arguments with strong evidence and sequence. The fee package of this lawyers is $7000 according to specification of case that is vary in sense of communal standards.

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