TOP 10 Most Violent Cities in America

Check here the list of TOP 10 Most Violent Cities in America.

10. Kansas City, Missouri 

Population: 488,943

Violent crime Rate:1,590 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment rate:5 percent

Poverty rate: 18 percent

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   1,637
Murder   137
Rape   403
Assault   5,665

Kansas has a high number of assaults and gang violence. It is very easy for people to possess guns and other dangerous weapons. Even many of the city’s criminals are teenagers, who are often involved in armed robberies and burglary. Kansas City has also been in the news for a mass murder that took place recently and left the familiies of victims struggling for justice.

9. Cleveland

Population: 397,106

Violent crime rate: 1,363 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment rate:10 percent

Poverty rate: 36 percent

People live in extreme poverty here as the median household income is only $26,583. And because of declining economic growth the city is losing hope for a renewal. The police do not participate fully in providing justice and many crimes go unsolved. Because of the leniency of the Police many people commit crimes only because they are drunk and later blame it on their impulses and drunkenness. This has also led to a high number of assault cases every year.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   1,772
Murder   86
Rape   461
Assault   3,257

8. Baltimore

Population: 626,848

Violent crime rate: 1,417 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment rate: 7 percent

Poverty rate: 23 percent

This city has one of the highest cases of robberies in America. There is a high rate of gun ownership and gun violence. The homicide rates are only increasing and it is backed up by the laid back attitude of the police. The police has become less involved with solving crimes and have lowered their arrest rates, they often let the heinious crimes such as murder, rape and assaults go unlooked and the criminals roam freely.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   5,066
Murder   309
Rape   361
Assault   5,364  

7. Atlanta

Population: 425,433

Violent crime rate: 1,433 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment rate: 7 percent

Poverty rate:24 percent

Gun Violence cases and homicides by guns have surged through the years and even children are becoming the victim of gun violence especially due to hatred against the black communities. In this city as well, there is a huge number of active gangs operating in many areas. Armed robbery and burglary are also very high and people living in their homes are often assaulted brutally by the robbers.

Top of Form

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   1,099
Murder   88
Rape   245
Assault   2,382

6. Birmingham, Ala.

Population: 213,258

Violent crime rate: 1,483 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment rate:7 percent

Poverty rate: 29 percent

There is a lot of drug trade going on in the area leading to the youth also being involved in such crimes as they grow up. It also has one of the highest rates of Vehicle theft in America. There are many cases of innocent people being attacked by a large group of gang members hitting them brutally and leaving serious injuries while no one stops them. This culture of no accountability leads to many such cases in the city.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   941
Murder   88
Rape   180
Assault   2,816

5. Memphis

Population: 652,725

Violent crime rate: 1,583 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment rate: 7 PercentPoverty rate:28%

Memphis has constantly been ranked as the Most Dangerous City in America over the course of years. There is a criminal culture that prevails in the city, it is not only unsafe outside but also inside homes because of the high cases of domestic violence. There is also a lot of gang-related violence and has one of the highest rates of total reported crimes. Because of gangs in the area and the power they possess many of the homicides committed by them often go unsolved leaving the families traumatized. The people in the city live in poverty and there are no properly functioning schools for the children.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   3,050
Murder   186
Rape   491
Assault   8,947

4. Stockton, Calif.

Population: 311,178

Unemployment Rate: 8 Percent

Poverty Rate: 24 Percent

Life in Stockton is like living in paranoia all the time, Home break-ins are a common activity. The most heinous part about the crimes that take place is that break-ins are always accompanied by brutal sexual assaults. Recently, a 31-year old woman was sexually assaulted in her own home.  In one instance, the Police received four different assault cases in only five hours.

Stockton is a poor city, this situation leads it to constant cuts in police and crime-control spending. To get a real-world perspective of the bad standard of the police and system there the stockton police department has a rating of 2.1 stars on google reviews. Since 2010, 19% funding has been cut to the police, which has led to 45,000 police staff being laid off. This has led to a surge in criminals walking freely after committing crimes. Most of the residents live below the poverty line, do not have access to education and the income opportunities are limited, and people do not feel safe in their own homes nevertheless they stay here for the low rents.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   1,205
Murder   33
Rape   193
Assault   2,952

3. Oakland

Population: 395,317
Violent crime rate:
 1,683 per 100,000 residents
Unemployment Rate: 6 Percent

Oakland is considered the tenth most violent city in America due to its high crime rates.

Inequality, police violence and a lousy justice system prevail in Oakland. Oakland can be said to have fostered a “Thug culture” where the youth of the city think it is brave and cool to be violent and commit crimes. Similar to the other cities mentioned Oakland also has lenient gun laws and its fairly convenient for the residents to own a gun and other lethal weapons. Other than civilians, police brutality is also common in the areas and many innocent people get fatally shot by the police constantly.

Oakland also has a high number of violent robberies and frequent cases of house break-ins.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery 2,624
Murder 70
Rape 448
Assault 2,338
Theft 15,725

2. St. Louis

Population: 320,454
Violent crime rate: 1,857 per 100,000 residents

Unemployment Rate: 7 Percent

Poverty Rate: 27 Percent

St. Louis has been notorious for its unending, constant stream of murder and gun violence tragedies for many years now. St. Louis has the fourth highest rate of murders in the Nation causing the residents to live in constant paranoia. The state laws make it fairly easy for people to carry dangerous and lethal weapons without a permit. Illegal possession of violent weapons is not uncommon and people roam with them freely.

There is an appalling number of gun violence and what makes this city’s circumstances really traumatic is the fact that main victims of gun violence are innocent children. A total of 12 children died in only 3 months due to gun violence. 

Sounds of gun fired outside homes can be heard everyday. People resolving the most minor issues with guns and killings is not an uncommon sight. Parents are forced to keep their children inside the homes and for good reasons: 13 children in St Louis were fatally shot only in a period of 6 months. Again and again, Little children are killed in the area often due to crossfires but also due to hatred towards the black neighborhoods.

The city has one of the highest gun homicides and the poor black neighborhoods are constantly being targeted by the violent criminals, especially their innocent children. What makes this city so scary is that the criminals become violent and aimlessly kill people for no reason.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Robbery   1452
Murder   187
Rape   209
Assault   3,577  
Theft 12,413


Population: 713,239
Violent crime rate: 2,137 per 100,000 residents
Unemployment Rate: 12 Percent

Poverty Rate: 39 Percent

Areas in Detroit are breeding grounds for marginal activities such as theft and robbery. There is a new case of sexual assault everyday. Residents in the area feel unsafe walking through their own hometown and fear the possibility of assaults all the time. Because of the high number of rapes and sexual assaults the city is considered one of the most violent in America. Nevertheless, many poor families are forced to live in Detroit because of the low rents and living costs and unfortunately put their lives and safety at risk everyday because criminals unstoppingly keep breaking into houses and mercilessly rob the residents out of their belongings. People are scared and keep abandoning their homes to live a safer life somewhere else.

The children in the area are also very violent and would openly assault and hit other children that they do not like. There are many cases of children being violent in their home streets often leading to severe injuries to the victim kid.

Crime Number of Cases per 100,000
Theft   15000
Robbery 2300
Rape   988
Assault   9920
Murder   261

Detroit is a relatively poor country with low employment and income opportunities. People live in poverty with miserable living standards and have no access to safety or protection by the police system. The unemployment rate is at an appalling 12% which leaves families in a sad and tragic situation forcing them to become violent towards others due to hopelessness and frustration. 

The poverty rate in Detroit is also at a concerningly high 39 percent making it an epicenter for marginal activities.

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