Top 10 Pokemon Car Accessories

Pokemon is one of the most renown series evolving since 1997. If you don’t know what Pokemon is then you must be living under a rock. From as big as customized cars to games making you buy Pokemon supplies to the movies and series you can watch; Pokémon is everywhere. If you love Pikachu, the cute little yellow Pokémon or the 8th generation green Grookey you can have all those in your car with a little bit of customization. If you are a fan of Pokémon but can’t afford the expensive luxurious cars then you can use these 10 car accessories listed below to bring your dream Pokémon car to a reality!

10. Pokémon Go Team Keychains

Which team are you in? Is it team Instinct or maybe Valor or the Mystic team of Pokémon? Whichever, team you belong to, you can get that as a keychain for your car! These keychains are hand embroidered as well as machine embroidered especially designed for the fans to keep their keys under the watch of their favorite team Pokémon’s. These can easily be carried in your pockets and bags as they are 2inch by 2inch in size small yet special.

9. Steering Wheel Covers

Are you bored with your cliché looking steering wheel? Want to add a touch of Pokémon’s to it? Add a little bit of personality by adding these Pokémon covers to your steering wheels made up of cotton having special grip stops to add better grip and safety. Fully customized to your steering wheels’ diameter with your favorite characters on the wheel, completely hand-made.

8.Car Window Decal

Oh! Got a scratch on your car window? Add the cute little Pokémon decals made from vinyl that are 7inches in size which can be easily peeled off and pasted on your window, hiding the scratch. These comes in different colors having different Pokémon characters like cute Pikachu, Chika and more.

7.Pokémon Car Seat Set

Give your plain old car seats a cute makeover with the adorable and gorgeous Pikachu car seat sets or other Pokémon car seat sets that contain Poké-ball, Ash and other characters. The Pikachu car seat set comes in multiple colors so select the one that completes your Poké-car dream!

6.Rear View Mirror Charm

Get a collection of Pokémon charms for your car. Hang those figurines of Pokémon’s on your rear-view mirror and look at those adorable creatures while driving letting you remember the good things and removing the stress of road driving from your mind. Each and every charm is unique and adorable having its own personality that can enhance the Pokémon beauty, you are looking for your car.

5.Pokémon Ball Car Shift Knob

As a Pokémon catcher and trainer, you always have your Poké-ball with you at all times, whether it’s in reality or virtually. To keep your Pokémon trainer spirit going here is a Pokémon ball car shift knob to upgrade the old style know into a new and unique one. Not only you can have multiple Poké-balls to choose from you can also add a Pikachu cover to the knob and use it! And remember don’t over tighten the knob while installing.

4.Car Head Rest

You can rest your head made with cotton while driving to give your muscles a rest for few minutes.Get the cozy Pikachu headrests for your customized Pokémon car!

3. Pokémon Sunshade

Block the sunlight and heat entering in your car in a stylish way with the adorable and unique Pokémon car sunshades. There are suction cups present on the shadesthat attach these sunshades to your window and can be easily folded andunfolded for better storage.

2. Pokémon Seatbelt Strap Cover

Pokémon is still in the market, if you have kids and are in love with Pokémon’s then for your toddler’s car seat you can use these cute seatbelt straps. These are made from cotton padded with thick dry wadding to provide comfort and softness for your kids.

  1. Pokémon Car Vent Clip Air Freshener

Insert these car ventclips of air freshener and freshen up the car with your favorite scents and favorite Pokémon characters by adding these Pokémon Car Vent Clip Air Fresheners.

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