Top 10 Suicide Rates by Profession

In this universe, one of the most significant things that plays a vital role in man’s life is his profession. No one can deny the importance of it. So it probably will not be wrong to say that the happiness of a man depends directly or indirectly on his occupation and the same case we can consider about his success but simultaneously it is very hard to say what exactly the success of a man depends on. This is because there are many professions with higher suicide rates have the salaries equal to the salaries of professions with lower suicide rates. Therefore, it will be correct to say that with the help of more information and data, proper and right relationship can be considered between the salaries and the suicide rate.

Here you can check the list of top 10 suicide rates by profession.

10. Education, Training and Library:

The profession with the lowest suicide rate is Education, Training, and Library , that is 5.3%. However, the suicide rate for men is 26.0 per 100,000 professionals compared to 7.1 for women. In the year 2012, if we look at it’s suicide rate, then we observe that it’s suicide rate was only 0.2 lower than that of the year 2015. That is exactly equal to no change in it’s suicide rate.

9. Architecture and Engineering:

The suicide rate of this profession is 17.6%. Just like Building and Grounds cleaning and maintenance, it’s suicide ratio is also seen to be decreased by 8.6% and this is not wrong to say that people probably started thinking this profession suitable for them or this is also possible that they started to compromise.

8. Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance:

It’s suicide rate is 18.2%, approximately 4% higher than the suicide rate of food preparation and serving related. However,  It’s suicide rate clearly decreased by 0.9% between 2012-2015.

7. Farming,Fishing and Forestry:

Farming, fishing and forestry has 18.7 deaths per 100,000 professionals. Although it’s suicide rate is not much larger than the occupation of building and grounds cleaning and maintenance but it can be said that this profession may not be the symbol of satisfaction and happiness for the people .

6. Protective Service:

The protective service occupation comprises of Supervisors of Correctional Officers ; Supervisors of Police and Detectives ; Supervisors of Fire Fighting and Prevention Workers. The suicide rate of this profession is 24.2%. There is a bigger increase in it’s suicide rate as compared to the farming, fishing and forestry.

5. Production:

If we talk aboutthe suicide rate of this profession, it is 24.3%. If we compare it with the suicide rate that was observed in 2015, we can clearly see that an increase in the suicide rate that is up to 7.8%. The suicide ratio of men is also seen high in this profession as well.

4. Transportation And Material moving:

The suicide rate of Transportation And material moving is 26.8% and this profession also kept the same record of higher suicide ratio for men in contrast to women. Although  it’s  suicide rate increased by a minor ratio compared to earlier discussed professions.

3. Arts, Design, Sports&Media:

The suicide rate belonging to this profession is also high enough as it is 27.3 per 100,000 professionals. Moreover, it’s suicide rate is increased up to 40% between the 2012-2015. Like all other professions, this profession also has much higher suicide ratio for men than women.

2. Installation, Maintenance and Repair:

This profession also has comparatively much higher suicide rates. In this profession,  the suicide ratio of man is very large as compared to women, like in the United States, man commits suicide at more than 3 times than women. The suicide rate of this profession is 37.8 per 100,000 professionals.

1. Construction And Extraction:

The profession with the higher suicide rate is construction and extraction. It is said to have 52.1 deaths by suicide per 100,000 professionals and this rate is much higher as compared to an average profession. Moreover, it’s suicide rate is 10 times higher than that of education, training and library. So we can also say that this profession may have large number of troubles and problems for a person that forces him for suicide. In this profession, the suicide ratio for men is  noticed much higher. 

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