Top 10 TV Show Hosts

So we all have a difference of opinion when it comes to who the best Talk Show Hosts are but these Top 10 Tv Show Hosts are the most common favorites and include Ellen Degenres, Dr. Phil, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon. Below is our list of the TOP 10 Best Talk Show Hosts of all time.

10.Busy Phillips

Busy Phillips is a dream come true for all the millenials and the Generation Z who want to have a relatable and inspiring show host. Busy Phillips started her hosting career in 2018 with “The Busy Show” and everyone LOVED her presence on it. The celebrities she interviews are friends with her in real life as well, which makes her show all the more reality based. Phillips has a highly dedicated fan following and that is why she is on the list because she achieved so much in such a young age.

9.James Corden

James Corden only started his career in 2015 with the Talk Show “The Late Late Show with James Corden” and instantly grew to success as it now has 6 seasons and more in progress. His constant self-deprecating humour has made all of us immediately fall in love with his personality. His humorous friendships even off-stage with all of the celebrities he interviews is so wholesome to watch. Celebrities being interviewed genuinely love being around him and doing silly pranks with him.

8.Stephen Colbert

Stephen Colbert has interviewed some of the most iconic and legendary celebrities of our time. Our favorite interview by him is of Elon Musk! Elon Musk has constantly been the victim of boring interviewers and Colbert’s sarcasm and humour during this interview was exceptional and really an innovative approach to interviewing the dreaded CEOs and Founders.


Chelsea is a different kind of Host. She is smart, funny and witty. She offers the audience something different. What we really love about Chelsea is the types of guests on her show, She doesn’t just invite the mianstream A-listers but the actors and celebrities who are doing something new and innovative such as Kumail Nanjiyani was on her show and their instant connection was definitely awe-spiring and heartwarming for all of us.

6.Seth Meyers

Seth meyers is a radical TV Show host. Instead of celebrity guests his main focus is always the current affairs and political issues. He is an amazing host because not only does he entertain he also educated in a very humourous way. I personally think seth meyers is a better personality than Ellen degeneres but she gets the higher rank because of her commitment to comedy and Talk shows. Whereas Seth Meyers entered the field only recently in 2015 with his “Late Night With Seth Meyers”  but undoubtedly won our hearts with his wholesome personality and charisma.

5.Dr. Phil

The family drama, the unresolved psychological issues and then finally THE RANCH. Who does NOT love Dr. Phil?! He is one gentleman who genuinely tries to help his guests without ever insulting them or making fun of them. While he is not a comedian he is still one of the most entertaining and talented hosts out there.

4.Ellen Degeneres

OKAY, Ellen undoubtedly has the biggest troop of dedicated followers, she does the best job at engaging and interacting with the audiences on her show. I love how her show is very heartwarming and inclusive. Its not just about celebrity appearances but the ordinary people she brings on her show and we LOVE how she brightens up their day with thoughtful gifts. She is can easily be titled the most genuine and lovable host. She also had the opportunity to host the Oscars Awards and she instantly won everyone’s hearts. Ellen just might have the most diversified audience from old to adult to young children.

3.Conan O’Brien

This guy is an intellectual and he entertains us with his intellect and quick-wittedness. Conan is not as popular as the other hosts in the field But has a more dedicated audience than many of his counterparts. This guy does NOT need props, or funny games or even background music to make the audience laugh he has the power to bring the house down with only his facial expressions and witty replies. In short, he is not your average Talk Show host.

2.Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel can easily be titled the most hardworking and talented host in America. He started his hosting career many years earlier than his counterparts with “The Man show” and has still remained the most prominent and lovable personality on Talk Shows. He has made some excellent achievements besides his Talk Show Hosting as he had the amazing opportunity to host the Oscars Awards. Nevertheless, we love Jimmy Kimmel Live! And all the heartwarming and wholesome game segments including the Generation Gap, Kids answer, Pedestrian question and Celebrities read mean tweets.

1.Jimmy Fallon

Who does not love the games on his show?! Jimmy Fallon started his career when most of the other current TV show hosts were exiting the field of Talk Shows and he instantly caught the attention of the modern generation. Starting his Hosting career in 2009 with the “Late night with Jimmy Fallon” his TV Show was filled with endless streams of innovative acts never seen in Talk Shows Before. What we really love about our Jimmy is his ability to connect with his guests so well and make the whole show so warm and funny that audience has never had to sit through a bland and boring moment. Where other talk shows go back and forth with a list of predecided questions jimmy fallon has invented more than 100 games on his tv show to keep the audiences and the guests at the edge of their seats. And how can we ever forget that Tom Holland’s historical “Umbrella” Dance took place here?

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